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IMPORTANT: as a result of Brexit from July 1st 2021, all print orders shipped to the EU will be subject to VAT import tax (and possibly customs duties) when they enter the country of destination and you - the buyer will be liable for this tax, before the order can be released from customs.  

We are in the process of working out a better solution to this new problem, but in the meantime, we wanted you to be aware of these changes as they will affect all sales to the EU.

Print sales to other destinations are unaffected and we are still delighted to offer some of the amazing entries that we have had over the years, from smiling fish to dancing bears and everything in between to put on your walls!
When you buy a print, a percentage of the revenue generated goes to our conservation charity - big thumbs up!  Also to the contributing photographer - big pat on the back! AND to helping us to fund and run the competition, like a well oiled machine...erhm!

Thank you.

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